Green As Can Be!

Green As Can Be!

Green As Can Be!Green As Can Be!Green As Can Be!

If you are having a pest issue we would love to help you and our environment! 

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If we have already helped you and you would like to make a payment on your bill you can use our online payment system without having to leave your home.

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We eliminate and prevent spiders, bed bugs, rodents, insects, and more to keep your environment safe and your home pest-free. We use the latest pest control technologies to ensure we exterminate your pest issues in a way that won’t harm your pets or your family but works. When you have a pest issue, it is best to contact us. No job is too small.  We service the Greater Portland Metropolitan area from Vancouver, Washington to Lake Oswego and West Linn; from Gresham to Hillsboro; and beyond. 



Our experienced pest control technicians can remove the pest problem quickly and discretely. Our goal is to not interrupt business or take too much of your time. We understand how valuable your time is. We are able to handle any job, no matter how big or small from nuisance wildlife issues such as skunks and squirrels all the way down to odorous house ants and bed bug treatments, We solve and prevent them all. We have helped many business owners in Oregon in a variety of industries including apartment buildings/HOA’s, restaurants, hotels, entertainment complexes, industrial sites, correctional facilities, schools, and more.  We have seen it all and have fixed it all.

Schools & Governments


We work with cities, counties, schools of all level, prisons, and other State affiliated entities and properties. We use a method of pest control called integrated pest management, or “IPM”. IPM methods are different from traditional pest control in that IPM seeks to find the source of the pest and prevent future occurrences. If needed, we select the lowest-toxicity, most appropriate pesticide for the job. The pesticides we use are most likely to reach their target pest and least likely to be contacted by students, staff, and non-target organisms. The methods that we use  ensure maximum effectiveness while prioritizing children’s health.

How much do we charge?

No two pest issues are alike. Because of that we make sure to tailor our services to your unique 

issue. Message us and tell us about your issue to get a free estimate!

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