Who are we?

Pest Solutions LLC was founded out of the profound need for safe, effective, and affordable pest control.

In 2006, Eric Ufer, Pest Solutions LLC’s founder, was hit for the first time with bed bugs on his rental properties. Costs went through the roof and the rental property revenues declined.  This event had a profound effect on how he  looked at pests and the risk they presented to his business. Eric had to look at the traditional pest control services he was paying for, its efficacy, the inconvenience to his tenants, and costs – both in lost revenues and sky high pest control charges.

This lead to our developing many additional solutions that are green and have been utilized by us with huge success. We founded Pest Solutions LLC with the focus of resolving and preventing bed bug, cockroaches, ants, bees, fruit flies, fleas, termites, rodents, and other pest issues for both residential and commercial properties.  We work with clients in the restaurant, lodging and hospitality industries; multifamily property mangement companies; government and school agencies; and home owners. Our solutions focus on safe and affordable integrated pest management methods but our approaches get the issues resolved. “Green As Can Be”. Our bed bug treatment protocols allow same day treatment and occupancy of the impacted homes and most times, our clients are then bed bug free. Our roach and ant treatments typically resolve the issue within a matter of weeks.  Termite treatments are quickly addressed with minimal disruption to occupants.

"We take the extra time and precautions to solve pest issues while being green as can be.  Our mission is to continue to innovate, improve, and strive to offer the best service and results in the industry, WHILE being “Green As Can Be”. 

 Please contact us so we can discuss your needs and we can start building a great, long-term relationship with you. 

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Green Practices

It’s not just a saying.  We do it.  We care about the environment, and the well being of people and pets WHILE we protect people and properties.

Pest Solutions LLC. utilizes the latest IPM (Integrated Pest Management) techniques, and even creates and utilizes techniques new to the pest control industry, to SOLVE and PREVENT our clients pest issues.

We LISTEN to our clients and what THEIR goals and needs are.  We then work on SOLVING and PREVENTING their pest issues and helping them achieve THEIR goals as “Green as can Be“.

Being “Green” isn’t just a trendy buzz word to us.  We think it’s important, and we think its the way to do business every day by every one of our teammates.